Great & Personal Service, Difficult?

Apparently yes, and one of the main reasons why some customers are shifting their shopping
experience from in-store to online. But no online shopping experience can really be
compared to a great, competent, and credible in-store shopping experience, right?


Unfortunately, the great experiences are more an exception today. The massive
competition from online shopping has tempted retail stores to hire unqualified staff
to service their customers, and even shifting budgets to the digital department.
It is proven that people buy people. People buy from people they know, trust, and can identify
themselves with. We also know that going to a store to see, touch, and feel the products are a
better experience than shopping from a screen.


With the right talents, training, motivation and team spirit, we are able to make in-store shopping
attractive. We work with people and relations which transforms into retail excellence and sales.
Our mission is to get customers back to the stores, our mission is;
to upgrade the retail experience for beauty & lifestyle customers.

”We believe in service, sales
& data. And we believe in the
power of real
people. Because people buy

In Short

Novoti is a professional retail recruitment agency and your preferred sales partner in beauty and lifestyle. With more than 30 years of experience, we know how to sell

and grow brands in-store. We make a strategic plan, we consult, we follow up and we make sure your sales are on point or above. We recruit real people, we educate,

we motivate, and we coach them before their first day at your counter. Leave it with us, and we take care of your retail sales and staff.

We Are Novoti

Maia Pedersen

Co-founder, Strategic Sales Director


Maia is Novoti’s Strategic Sales Director. Maia has over 25 years of
experience in the beauty business. She has worked as a sales representative,
Sales & Product trainer as well the Sales Supervisor in Department stores for
the main part of all luxury brands in the L’Oréal Lux Group.


As executive, Maia delivers top-notch sales results with her unique recruitment
skills, team building efforts, campaign management, and execution of events.


Maia is uncompromising and all-in when creating the right solution to leverage
your brand. You will love her!

Heidi Rothbuhr Johnson

Co-founder, Creative Sales & Academy Director


Heidi is Novoti’s lead creative and a warm and loving soul.
She is ’The Principal’ of Novoti Academy, and the one who makes sure that your
brand is met by professional and talented people – our talents.


As a make-up artist, fragrance expert, and cosmologist, educated in Paris, Heidi
has many years of experience with Customer Experience from Giorgio Armani to
many other international brands, and as the founder of
Portfolio-CPH Photographers Agency.


Working all over the world has made Heidi a superior talent trainer and coach,
with a unique eye for leveraging personality. You will adore her!

Let us help you grow your brand.