At the Novoti ACADEMY, we help unleash your full potential with education and training in sales and service within the beauty and lifestyle category.


We kick-start your career by giving you the needed tools and know-how to navigate and grow in the world of beauty and lifestyle, laying the groundworks for the career of your dreams.

Here, we meet you at eye-level and train you according to your personal needs and strengths with a focus on empowering you to further self-development.


The ACADEMY is for training of company employees and all our own team members.
You can benefit from teachers with decades of experience and get comfortable with customer service,
sales techniques, learn the jargon and ask all the questions you want.


When you leave the ACADEMY, you will be ready to sell, serve and guide your way through the business from A-Z.


The Novoti ACADEMY offers an in-depth introduction to the Novoti philosophy, which will lay the groundwork to understand and navigate the serious business of sales and service within the beauty and lifestyle category.
Here, we train and develop your service and sales skills, leading to results second to none.
All our talents are enrolled in our course within their first 3 months at Novoti, in order to ensure that our team always meet the market the Novoti way.


Kick-start your career with our 2-day academy program. Join now!