Make-up Artist / Exclusive Arrangement

credit: Fredrik Stambro


Fredrik Stambro has through his career worked with
some of the most legendary people in contemporary fashion.
He is a legend in make-up, and is incredibly skilled. Fredrik is an efficient
team player and leader at work. He is very strong at performing under
pressure and knows how to express any brand-vision. Aesthetically, his
strengths in make-up are skin tones, colors, and accentuating sharp lines.


Style: Beauty – Fashion

Make-up Artist & Hair Stylist

credit: Camilla Günther Nielsen


Camilla Günther Nielsen was educated in 2015 but has been working many years before in the beauty industry as a make-up artist and hair stylist.

Camilla is very outgoing and cheerful, and she loves being creative.
She is a perfectionist when it comes to make-up and styling and she just loves being around creative and professional people.


Style: Beauty – Fashion



Lars Ranek is based in Copenhagen and has been a professional advertising and commercial photographer since 1989.
He established his own company Lars Ranek A/S in 1992 and is today an independent photographer specializing in food and interior photography.


Style: Food – Lifestyle

credit: Lars Ranek

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