Make-up Artist / Exclusive Arrangement

credit: Fredrik Stambro


Fredrik Stambro has through his career worked with
some of the most legendary people in contemporary fashion.
He is a legend in make-up, and is incredibly skilled. Fredrik is an efficient
team player and leader at work. He is very strong at performing under
pressure and knows how to express any brand-vision. Aesthetically, his
strengths in make-up are skin tones, colors, and accentuating sharp lines.


Style: Beauty – Fashion

Make-up Artist & Hair Stylist

credit: Camilla Günther Nielsen


Camilla Günther Nielsen was educated in 2015 but has been working many years before in the beauty industry as a make-up artist and hair stylist.

Camilla is very outgoing and cheerful, and she loves being creative.
She is a perfectionist when it comes to make-up and styling and she just loves being around creative and professional people.


Style: Beauty – Fashion



Lars Ranek is based in Copenhagen and has been a professional advertising and commercial photographer since 1989.
He established his own company Lars Ranek A/S in 1992 and is today an independent photographer specializing in food and interior photography.


Style: Food – Lifestyle

credit: Lars Ranek

Creative Food & Interior Stylist


Monica is based in Copenhagen and works on location or building her own set in a
studio, where she develops the style and atmosphere for the brand.
Monica also works for brands, retailers or restaurants creating their visual branding and
interior concept. A balanced, refined and true expression in the result, is the goal for
In the past years Monica worked internationally doing styling for Lufthansa and Pillivuyt
among others. Her passion for both interior styling and food styling is growing every day,
and the passion makes every assignment a little journey on its own, and ensures a
complete result.


Style: Food – Interior

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