We have more than 300 talents that we educate, motivate, and train to be the best Beauty Advisors for our clients.
Highly trained, professional advisors who can talk to real people. Many of our Beauty Advisors also functions as in-store influencers. Why? Because this is a great way to approach the right audience, activate them
and make them excited about your brand. An in-store influencer is, like a traditional influencer, a person who can affect the behavior of other people as a result of the size of their audience or their individual
persuasiveness. An in-store influencers is a salesperson testing, using, and promoting a product from home and selling, sharing and giving personal service out in the stores.
For each client we tailor the product or brand with the right team.

Meet Some Talents


beauty advisor & in-store influencer

My name is Victoria and I am an educated make-up artist and stylist from Copenhagen.
Through my education I have learned how to use my passion and how to define my profile.
I have also attended the Novoti Academy which has been an amazing learning experience for me.
Here I came even closer to myself and got the chance to really developed my skills.
I learned how to use my skills and talents when I go to work, and how to express my role in a cooperation.
I have always loved beauty and fashion and being able to work with this every day is fantastic.
I am always looking for whatever can make a difference, so the result matches the vision created.
I am very grateful to work for Novoti and their clients. I know that my skills and ideas will always be seen and developed.

Motto: Everything you can imaging is real.


beauty advisor & in-store influencer

“You need to fight for your dreams in order get the things you want from life and to make peace with you mind”.

Penelope is a true make-up geek, who finalised her make-up education in 2020. She is extremely devoted and skilled, and loves being creative with the eye-make-up and is known for colourful looks. “I live by my motto, because it reminds me that nothing is meant to come easy. You need to fight to reach you dreams. I started working with Novoti because I want to develop my skills, and because love guiding costumers, so they go home with the right products that fits them and their needs”

Motto: Si vis pacem para bellum – If you want peace, prepare for war.


beauty advisor

Early in my life I was inspired by the ’porcelain look’ that you see on models and actors.
How do they do it? Even though I quickly learned how to create the look, the technique is something I constantly improve.
I find it interesting what inspires people and how trends occur.
I love helping my costumers find and express their inspiration source, and to get the look they want through make-up and skincare.
I am very passionate to guide my costumers to the right products that fit them and their needs.
I love being a part of the Novoti team.
This way I can develop my skills and at the same time go to work and give my costumers the best possible shopping experience.

Motto: Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in hormony.


beauty advisor

Nathalie is an educated make-up artist and hairstylist.
She has always had a great passion for make-up, skincare and fashion.
Nathalie have been working in shops and as a make-up artist which has given her a great understanding of the beauty industry.
She also has experience with product-training, both in skincare and make-up, and teaching teams in make-up looks and techniques.
Her experience also counts fashion shows, working both as lead make-up artist and team make-up artists.

”I am really happy to be a part of the Novoti team. It is a great way for me to develop my skills and at the same time go to work doing what I love”.

Motto: If you can dream it you can do it.


beauty advisor

Laura Isabella got her beauty-consultant education from Chanel.
She has also worked for Guerlain, Shiseido, Ole Henriksen and Clarins and several other brands.
Laura went to Los Angeles to educate her as a professional make-up artist, and she also took a hairdresser education in 2014.
Since then she has worked as a hairdresser and a make-up artist and made make-up- and styling jobs for tv, photoshoots and fashion shown in Denmark and Los Angeles.
Besides all this, she has an education in lash extensions, lash lift and Shellac hos CND.
A true beauty expert who knows what her customer wants.

” The best part of being in the Novoti team is that I can develop my skills and that I can give the best service to customers in make-up and skincare”.

Motto: If you see it in your mind you can hold it in your hand.


beauty advisor & in-store influencer

Frederik is creative by heart.
He talks a lot about his passions and he’s positively unpredictable. He has fantastic energy and can cheer up anyone with a sad expression on their face.
He have always had a passion for skincare and make-up, and it shows when he is in front of his customers.
Frederik uses make-up as an expression. He will show you that make-up is not only for hiding yourself but more important, a tool to express who you are and feel comfortable with yourself.
His style is drama free, and you will most likely be inspired by one of his looks.

” I am very happy to be a part of the Novoti team. I have learned so much, and they make ”going to work” both fun and challenging”.

Motto: There is no ugly people, only lazy ones.


beauty advisor & in-store influencer

I’m a self- taught make-up artist and I study Business at ABC in Aarhus.
My interest and love for make-up and skincare began when I was a kid and it has been following me ever since.
For me, being a make-up artist is not only about meeting and satisfying the customer, but also to challenge yourself and put my soul in the profession.
I have always had a passion for style. I love to see a transformation, where you transform something from one to another.
For me, being a make-up artist is an art where I put my hands on a new painting every day.
I enjoy going to work, using my hands and creating something beautiful that will make customers happy.
I am proud of being in the Novoti team and being able to work with customers, sales, skincare, and make-up every day.

Motto: Do it with passion or not at all.


beauty advisor

I have been fortunate to witness the executive talents of my two bosses Heidi and Maia (founders of Novoti) on many occasions.
They are visionaries in their industry, yet they are highly approachable by their employees.
Whether listening to my job-related questions as an employee on the front line in the beauty-stores or be it any personal related issues.
I can always use their advice, experience, and ideas that help to create meaningful, successful strategies that have helped me in reaching a higher level of professionalism as a beauty advisor, artist, and on a personal level.
As a professional aesthetician and as an artist I am happy to have found a place where I can grow my talents within make-up and skincare.
I’m truly thankful to be part of the Novoti family.

Motto: You can be GORGEOUS at thirty, CHARMING at fourty, and IRRISISTIBLE for the rest of your life.


beauty advisor

I study International Bachelor in Humanities.
I have always had a huge passion and love for make-up, skincare and fragrances.
Since I was 14, I have worked different jobs with skincare and make-up, and I have always spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos to keep myself updated and learning tips and tricks.
I love the flexible workhours and different environments and challenges.
Novoti prepares their talents well and makes sure we can develop our skills.
In their mandatory seminar called Be your own kind of beautiful you learn to understand your skills and an understanding of other people.
Youi also learn about the different costumer profiles, conflict management and a deep understanding of sales.

Motto: If you want it you`ll find a way.