We are introducing and new kind of influencer – the in-store influencer. 
The influencer who works with the brand in all areas. Testing, using and promoting a product from home, and selling, sharing and giving personal service out in the stores. Yes, that´s right you will meet the working around the country doing what they love, working with beauty in all areas.

We are personal and know all our influencers and will always put extra effort into the casting process and we will follow your campaign from beginning to end. We are more than just numbers!

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Mek Reinholdtsen

In-Store Influencer

Mek is on the cutting edge of fashion, lifestyle and beauty With his knowledge and kind personality, he takes his audience through the world of beauty.


Instagram ( In store influencer )

Lucy is a self-taught makeup artist with a passion for beauty. She loves working with makeup creatively and loves to see the change in every stroke. Makeup is art.

Rimsha Malik

Instagram ( In store influencer )

With a big passion for beauty, Rimsha started her Instagram sharing tips and tricks for her young audience. She works as a Beauty advisor and In-store influencer for different brands represented by Novoti.

Michaela Keller

Instagram ( In store influencer )

Michaela is brought up in the creative industry with ballet performances, professional choir singing, and personal projects since childhood. With all her experience she is now an independent music artist and in-store beauty advisor for Novoti.

Nelle Noell

Instagram - Blog

Nelle Noelle is 32 years old living in Copenhagen. She writes about beauty and lifestyle with a holistic view. So you get insider makeup tips but also help with some of the big issues in life.

Frederik Berthelsen


Frederik uses makeup as an expression and on his Instagram, he tries to show that makeup is not only for hiding yourself but more important to express who you are. His Instagram is Drama free

Isabella Shughait

Instagram - You Tube

Isabellas channels takes you through her passion for beauty and makeup.

Muna Barrow


Muna has a passion for beauty and lifestyle. On her channels, you will meet a mix of beauty, travel, and lifestyle.

Miriam Gardner


Miriams background as an educated aesthetician gives her great insight into skincare and a healthy lifestyle. Get tips and stories from her life.