Michaela Keller

Michaela is brought up in the creative industry with ballet performances, professional choir singing, and personal projects since childhood. With all her experience she is now an independent music artist and in-store beauty advisor for Novoti. Michaela is a very inspiring influencer on social media who always finds innovative ways to create meaningful content.

Michaela is passionate about projects and open to new things. She has already been performing with her music around Denmark and is in the studio working on a debut EP right now. Besides the music she also works with modeling and films. You can find her as campaign model for Urban Gym and as statist in upcoming films 2020.
She was also a participant in this year’s Miss Universe Denmark Finalist 2019.

Come and follow her exciting journey and projects on social media or visit her in stores.


Instagram: @Michaelakeller
+ 3400 followers, 61% men  39% women